Funny black and white book lover enamel pin that says bibliohoe

Bibliohoe enamel pin

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A list of surefire ways to tell you are a bibliohoe:

1. You have a TBR pile a mile long and still have books show up in the mail

2. Book boyfriends are your thing and you have one for every day of the week

3. More bookshelves are on your wishlist because an entire wall is just not enough

4. Your bookends are more books

5. Love songs play in your head when you walk into bookstores

6. Hot dudes reading is your favorite social media account

7. When on vacation, anything less than packing 5 books is unheard of

8. When your boyfriend says there's not enough room for him and your books... it wasn't meant to be

9. Dog eared pages make you want to punch things

10. You'd only let god himself borrow your books. And he better be wearing gloves

If you identify with any of this list congratulations! You are an official Bibliohoe! You can wear this badge with pride knowing that nothing can come between you and your books.

This pin measures 1.7 inches, is made of soft enamel, and comes with two black rubber backs.